Oh My Venus - Episode 1

    I'm not sure if I just brushed things off because I really love these two actors, or if it's actually a good first episode. I don't think it did a good job of setting up the story. I didn't really find it that humorous. I'm ambivalent towards Shin Min Ah's Joo Eun because it didn't really establish her descent into her weight issues that well and I don't have a grasp of what she's about yet. Did she just get complacent with her relationship and her career's long hours and let go? Because she remains off-standish and hasn't sold herself short when it comes to Woo Sik. She still has her pride and self respect seemingly intact. But at the same time, she's on these yo-yo diets and constantly compares herself to slimmer women. Yet, she doesn't engage in physical activity. So maybe she's just one of those misinformed women who believe diet and exercise are secondary to weight-loss fads and cutting corners. I guess I can believe that. I'm just, mehh, about her at the moment.
    So Ji Sub's Young Ho - same thing, all over the place. He's an MMA trainer, a physician?, is he John Kim?, he's low-key, he's sought after by men in suits so he has to ride an ambulance instead, and he's a dude with a really nice ass house. The introduction of this John Kim character threw me off. There's a world renowned trainer on this show, and that's John Kim. John Kim is in a scandal with Mary Sue? Peggy Sue? She keeps callin Young Ho, so I suppose he's John Kim. And John Kim transformed Jennifer Anderson. Also, Young Ho is the trainer for Korean Snake. How all this information was revealed was done poorly. Or were the DF subs just hastily put together? Because following and trying to get a sense of WTF is going on was a little difficult.
    The bright side, though? SO JI SUB. Doing what he does best, showing off his body and lookin fly AF. I was completely distracted, so maybe that's why it was confusing for me? At this point, I don't really care what he does. He just needs to appear on the screen. And I haven't seen him play a doctor before, so definite turn-on.
    Needless to say, excited for episode 2 tonight!! I hope shit goes down with Woo Sik.
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