She Was Pretty Review

She Was Pretty ended this week and it was such a fun and fulfilling journey. My family and friends would get together to watch it when the subs released and have a mini party. Sad we don't have one now to gush over every week. But for a television watching party, I don't think there is a more appropriate and rewarding show out there than She was Pretty.
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Review: Avengers - Age of Ultron

I came into this movie thinking it was going to be one badass film. I was half right, I suppose. It was satisfying enough, but the paths the personal storylines took was unsettling from the beginning.SpoilersCollapse )
I really enjoyed Pietro and Wanda, though. I didn't, initially, during trailers. But they were the two that really moved me at the end. I enjoyed their chemistry so much it prompted me to watch Godzilla (2014), and they were just as lovely there. In fact, I think I prefer them as husband and wife, because even though they were siblings in AoU, their closeness can be construed as very intimate.

Avengers was, of course, very action packed. However, it wasn't the kind I'm partial to; not enough hand to hand combat scenes. Or any "wow" scenes, really. A lot of the action just felt mediocre. I'm actually not excited for any of the spin-offs, tbh. Maybe just for Guardians and the First Class series.

Final word: I prefer the first over the sequel, but it was a decent time to be had. It just didn't flow well enough for me.